2016.12 Capital increase: 999Million KRW
2016.08 Headquarter relocation to Seven Venture Valley Bundang(Pangyo), Gyunggi-do
2016.05 Capital increase: 962 million KRW
2016.04 ISO 13485 certification
2016.03 Green Technology certification
2015.10 Participation in CMEF (Wuhan, China)
2015.04 Nabi Release
2015.01 Participation in ArabHealth (Dubai, UAE)
2014.12 Fully automatic Immunoanalyzer(DIAMOND) release
2014.08 Lumi release
2013.12 Capital increase: 713 million KRW
2013.11 Simultaneous biomass pulverization, desiccation, sterilization system(BPS) release
2013.10 ISO 9001 certification
2013.10 Medical device manufacturing license
2013.11 Cool-Hot stimulation therapy device release
2013.04 Quntitative POCT(TROVA) release
2013.04 Factory registration(Doosan Venturedime, Anyang-si, Gyunggi-do)
2012.11 Participation in MEDICA(Dusseldorf, Germany)
2012.07 Participation in Clinical Lab Expo(AACC, LA, USA)
2011.08 Headquarter relocation to Bundang(Pangyo) Korea BioPark
2009.12 Capital increase: 413million KRW– investment from Seoulin Bioscience Company
2009.10 Disposable cell culture system development and technology transfer
2009.05 Chemiluminescence measurement device (LuBi) release
2008.11 MicroDigital USA founded (Los Angeles, California)
2008.01 Bioluminescence measurement device (N-Tox) release
2006.12 Innovative technology small business(InnoBiz) certification
2005.06 Start up certification (new technology company)
2003.10 Kyungnam Kim appointed CTO (CEO)
2003.07 Began marketing iSBS
2002.08 Founded MicroDigital Co., Ltd.